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Plastic surgery is easier, safer, and more common than ever before.
Through both surgical and nonsurgical procedures (such as liquid facelifts), New York plastic surgeon Dr. Copeland can help you subtly change your looks in ways that will make you happier with your appearance and give you more confidence in both personal and professional settings.

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In recent years, men have been investigating cosmetic procedures in record numbers. In particular, male breast reduction, called gynecomastia, has proven to boost the confidence of men of every age—including teenage boys. Find out more about this increasingly popular option.

Drawing on more than two decades' surgical experience, Dr. Copeland will make sure she understands what you are trying to achieve—and that you understand everything you can about the choice you are making. A successful outcome involves not only your looks but also your comfort and good health going forward.

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Change Your Look, Change Your Life

Dr. Copeland's best—selling book — now available in paperback — gives you the advice and perspective you need to make an informed decision about cosmetic intervention.
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Hear about plastic surgery directly from Dr. Copeland’s patients.
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Dr. Copeland is quoted extensively in major print and TV media. See what she has to say about the latest issues in plastic surgery.

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