Before and after Breast Lift

Breast implant replacement with implants and fat transfer, breast lift 57-year-old woman who underwent breast reduction and submuscular saline implants many years ago wanted to improve her chest wall and breast contour. We were able to replace her saline implants and do a minimal scar lift along with fat transfer for a softer, more natural breast contour. Before and after breast lift, areolar mastopexy front view Breast lift with mastopexy. Breast lift Breast lift with mastopexy. Breast Lift Breast lift with mastopexy. Before and 6 months after implant removal, fat transfer and mastopexy. Procedures: Implant Removal, Fat Transfer, Breast Lift. This woman had marked asymmetry of her breasts when one implant ruptured and the other developed a deforming capsule. I was able to help her by removing the implants and scar tissue and create a lifted more natural appearing breast with a mastopexy and fat grafting