*Testimonials are provided by patients of Dr. Copeland based on their personal experiences. Results may vary and specific results are not guaranteed. Please contact us with your questions.

Lipoma Removal

Outstanding in every single aspect…intake, listening, explaining, execution, follow-up!!!
Highly recommended!

Lipoma Removal

Breast Reduction

Dr. Copeland and staff were very helpful. The experience was great. I wasn’t nervous at all. Starting to see my results and couldn’t be happier!

Breast Reduction

Upper Blepharoplasty

Best doctor!

One day, almost out of the blue, I noticed these ugly soft lumps on my eyelids, that were growing out of nowhere. I consulted with Dr. Google and learned that they are cholesterol pads aka xanthelasma. They are apparently harmless but were seriously creeping me out. And they were growing, first one eye and then the other. I went to regular doc and got the cholesterol low down but meanwhile also got a consultation with Dr. Copeland, who was recommended by a friend.

I am very glad that I did. The consultation appointment was very helpful. The staff takes pictures, and the doctor explained everything carefully. I had two problems – one the lumps and two my lids were severely drooping, affecting my vision. She outlined a few options, including doing nothing.The office followed up with a call to make sure that I understood another option, a laser removal I believe. Fixing the droop – Blepharoplasty – would, if medically necessary, be covered only after 65 under Medicare, and I was having a hard time deciding if I should wait, a few years, or if I could afford to do it now.

I finally made the decision to do both the removal of the lumps and the droop fix 🙂 It was all just amazingly painless. Lots of swelling and icing of course, but i was surprised that it was only uncomfortable not painful. Everyone on the team, from the receptionist, the nurse, masseuse, and anesthesiologist, was calm, kind, competent, and lovely. Through the first follow up appointment, with removal of stitches and a light touch massage, it was been a success. It will be a few more weeks until completely normal, but quite comfortable now. Looks and feels much better. YAY Dr. Copeland!

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) with Ptosis Repair

My vision was severely impaired by drooping eyelids. Dr. Copeland did a remarkable job correcting this surgically. My vision and appearance are dramatically improved. I cannot recommend this physician more highly. This was a wonderful experience.

Upper Bleparoplasty

Breast Reduction

After so many years, I finally got the breast reduction I’ve always wanted! Dr Copeland listened (and didn’t judge) when we discussed my radical reduction. Healing beautifully, post op care has been excellent, nurse Victoria and Andrea have been absolutely lovely! 5/5 would recommend!!!

Breast Reduction

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Otoplasty turned out fantastic, recovery was quick and weekly check ins post treatment made me feel super comfortable. Dr. Copeland is the best surgeon and the results exceeded expectations. I couldn’t be happier. She is the only surgeon I will use in the future.


Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Fantastic results – ankle re sculpting and leg liposuction was amazing. Dr. Copeland is an amazing doctor and provides helpful advice to achieve a natural look. 10/10 best plastic surgeon in NYC.

Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Lipoma Removal

I had a lipoma removed from my arm and Dr. Copeland and her staff made it easy from beginning to end. My arm looks great!

Lipoma Removal

Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Dr Copeland is an artist. She did a fantastic job on my procedure! Their team helped me through pre-op and post-op care with a lot of support and encouragement. Big thank you to Nurse Victoria who was always there to quickly respond and look out for me before and after! Definitely recommend Dr Copeland and her team for any surgery!

Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Scarless Rhinoplasty

I would highly recommend Dr. Copeland. I had a wonderful experience throughout my entire surgery. The staff is very welcome and made me feel comfortable before and after surgery. Dr. Copeland and her staff were extremely attentive and made the entire process seamless. I absolutely love my results and would highly recommend Dr. Copeland!


Lipoma Removal

Dr. Copeland and her staff have been truly exceptional. I had a large lipoma removed from my back and the results have been wonderful. They are the consummate professionals. Highly recommend! Thank you!!

Lipoma Removal

Lipoma Removal

Dr. Copeland and her entire staff made me feel welcome and comfortable throughout my experience. I felt well educated on my procedure and recovery, and the results are outstanding.

Lipoma Removal

Earlobe Repair

From my first appointment, through my follow ups Dr. Copeland and her team were professional, kind and caring. I went in for a torn earlobe and during the consult I asked about a beauty mark on my face. Both issues were addressed and the results are brilliant. Dr Copeland knew I was I nervous, her nurse Victoria put me at ease during the treatments and my follow ups. Dr. Copeland answered all my questions, and explained the procedures. Her confidence made me feel at ease with the surgery. As this was during COVID, Dr. Copeland’s office was immaculate and lovely. I would highly recommend Dr. Copeland.

Earlobe Repair

Knee, Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Thank You Dr Copeland!

I had an ankle micro suction procedure with Dr Copeland a year ago and it has honestly been life changing! Dr Copeland shaped my legs beautifully and gave me the dainty ankles and legs of my dreams. I feel so much more confident now than ever before and appreciate the above and beyond care that I was provided through my entire journey. 100% I would absolutely recommend Dr Copeland and her staff. Thank you!

Knee, Calf and Ankle Liposuction


Body Contouring Liposuction

Dr. Copeland truly made a difference in my life. Close to two decades ago I went to Dr Copeland and she provided me with procedures that still last. She is kind, focused, and a true expert. This is one of the few doctors that I actually look forward to visiting as I know I will come out looking and feeling like perfection. Dr. Copeland’s work is subtle but truly effectualizes a change of improvement!


Scar Revision

I would highly recommend Dr. Copeland. I have had two operations with her and I’m extremely happy with the results of both.

Dr. Copeland is very knowledgeable and walks through each process. The staff and nurses are very kind and attentive.

Scar Revision

Lipoma Removal

I went to Dr. Copeland for a lipoma removal and can not be happier with my results! She is truly the best. The incision is very small and I had zero down time. I also have no scar. This is the best way to remove lipomas.

Lipoma Removal

Breast Augmentation using Autologous Fat Transfer

Nice Experience and Promising Outcome – 28 days post-procedure

First of all, this procedure is not done everywhere. I did lots of research and Dr. Copeland’s experience stands out from the crowd. When I did the consultation, her professionalism, friendly staff member and every detail about the place immediately won me over. The procedure itself went smoothly. Recovery went just as predicted with care from the doctor. Though it’s still in the early stage, I’m very confident the final outcome will be great. I highly recommend anyone considering this procedure visit Dr. Copeland’s office.

Breast Fat Transfer


2 weeks post-op with Dr. Copeland and I love my results. Always felt really comfortable in the office and love coming back to check-ins. Couldn’t be happier with my results.


Lipoma Removal

Great experience at Dr. Copeland’s office. I had a lipoma removed from my scalp and was very happy with the results. Scar is minimal just how wanted it! I highly recommend!

Lipoma Removal

Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer

Had a great experience with Dr Copeland and her team. Very pleased with the results and the kind office team made it a great experience. Would recommend.

Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer

Selective Liquid Facelift using Botox and Fillers

Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I woke up this morning and I can actually see myself, and I genuinely look much better.  Thank you Dr. Copeland! I will be back.

Selective Liquid Facelift

Knee, Calf and Ankle Liposuction

I struggled with cankles my entire adult life and I never wanted to wear anything that showed my legs. I researched doctors for years and I’m so happy I found Dr. Copleland. My legs have a beautiful shape and her and her staff are so kind and caring. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am. She also put me on a skincare regimen that is working very well. Highly highly recommend!!


Liquid Facelift, Thermage and Microneedling RF

67yo woman 1 day after  after thermage. Micro needling RF  and liquid facelift

Doing very well and really, really, really happy with the result.  So glad we did the earlobes too.  Great job! 

-67yo woman 1 day after after Thermage. Microneedling RF  and Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift, Thermage and Microneedling RF

Calf Augmentation using Autologous Fat Transfer

Dr. Copeland was incredible. I am very grateful for her quality of work. I am very happy with my results and appreciate the staff being so attentive and supportive throughout. Highly recommend Dr. Copeland.

Calf Augmentation using Fat Transfer

Arm Liposuction

Dr. Copeland and her staff are incredible. Everything involving my procedure was thorough, easy and extremely comfortable. Dr. Copeland and her staff really make you feel taken care of and describe the process start to finish and set the right expectations from the start. The facilities are easy to get to, extremely well kept and clean and I felt in good hands at all times. If you’re considering any procedures at all, I would highly recommend it here!

Arm Liposuction

Breast Reduction

I have had two operations with Dr. Copeland. She is a phenomenal doctor, kind, courteous, and extremely skilled. The staff and nurses are wonderful. They are friendly and extremely helpful. The office is top notch with state of the art equipment. I am three weeks post-op and recovering well. I would highly recommend Dr. Copeland and have already done so. Thank you Dr. Copeland for doing a superb job.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

I was recommended to Dr. Copeland by a friend that had used her services. I came in for my consult For a bilateral breast reduction and lift and was so happy that I scheduled my surgery for 2 weeks later! After three weeks I could not be more happy with the results! The office staff is remarkable and made this big decision for me super easy to make. I cannot recommend them enough!

Breast Reduction

Knee, Calf and Ankles (Cankles) Liposuction

Best plastic surgeon with amazing results. Waited years to have the work done but kept getting recommendations to Dr. Copeland. So glad I did! Staff also very helpful and responsive. Would 100% recommend Dr. Copeland to anyone.

Cankles Liposuction

Moh’s Surgery – Reconstruction and Closure

Thank you Dr. Copeland & @5thaveaesthetics for all the help & support. I recently had Mohs surgery for a basal cell carcinoma. Dr. Copeland stitched me back to normal. I have some great #DrMichelleCopelandSkinCare products for further healing. Of course, I have 2 of my SPF 40 lotion mists!! May is skin cancer awareness month.

Moh’s Surgery

Breast Reduction

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by my consultation with Dr. Copeland and her team. I originally came in just for a consultation and some information for the future when I thought I could afford surgery. I am so happy to say that I left that day with a new hope in my life. I have been in chronic pain in my back since I was a teenager. As soon as Dr. Copeland examined me, unlike many doctors who focused on what was negative, she had compassion for me and recognized how much my breasts negatively impacted my life. When she recommended that I have breast reduction and her staff helps me with financing and scheduling, I was well on my way. Since my surgery, I have had NO BACK PAIN! I feel like I have chance to get back to run/walking. I also had herniated discs that was causing numbness and weakness but now I can stand and work for 24 hours in the emergency room and be pain free. After I drop some more weight, I will be back for contouring. Excellent service and hands that have blessed me so much.

Breast Reduction

Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Dr Copeland, Nurse Aisling, and Andrea took wonderful care of me for my procedure, and I am extremely happy with my results. Dr. Copeland did a beautiful job and recovery was manageable. She and her staff made me feel very comfortable and I’m so glad I went through with the experience. I would definitely recommend Dr. Copeland.


Lipoma Removal

– Jeff K.

Lipoma Removal

Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

I Had a Great Experience!

My experience with Dr. Copeland was great! When I entered the office for my procedure, all of the staff were so helpful, nice, and supportive of me throughout the whole thing! I had a procedure done called an autologous fat transfer to both of my breasts, which means Dr. Copeland took fat from other areas in my body and used it to enhance the size and shape of my breasts. Plus the procedure took such a short time and I was able to go home the same day. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend my friends and family to see Dr. Copeland !

Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer


Dr. Copeland changed my life. I got a closed rhinoplasty that included straightening the nose (quite a bit), removing a bump, refining the tip, and shortening the nostrils. The whole process of surgery and recovery (1 week) was smooth and I am so so happy with the results. My breathing has dramatically improved and for the first time I can remember, I like how I look. Don’t worry, I still look like myself, the change is natural. But I just don’t have to be self-conscious about my nose ever again. Phew! I have to say it again: Dr. Copeland changed my life!



I’ve Been Coming for over 5 Years
Dr. Copeland provides excellent care. I trust her aesthetic for the treatments I’ve received. Maintaining a natural appearance while counter acting the effects of aging is a delicate balance that Dr. Copeland understands perfectly. I’ve been very satisfied with the services she has provided and her office staff is polite and friendly. As a professional nurse myself I can attest that Dr. Copeland has taken every precaution to protect her patient’s health and safety during Covid.


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
Very Expert Eyelift

Great results. I had eyelid droop so severe that it was affecting my vision. The upper, vertical part of my field of vision had become obscured by my upper eyelids which projected out over my eyelashes. Dr. Copeland expertly cut back the upper lids to correct for that, and, of course with my consent, she also did some work on the lower lids (since I was already undergoing anesthesia). The results are fantastic. Exactly what I wanted, so clinically not only is my field of vision restored but the cosmetic affects are superb. Understated. No one would realize that I had an eyelift, except that I look (to others) inexplicably good. That’s what I wanted.
Office handled the whole process effectively, conveniently and with reassuring care.

Just remember though, that this is real surgery, and if one does this, you will look like hell for the first 3 days… after that things improve. So don’t panic; be a patient patient.
Michael P.

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Mole Removal

I had a great experience with Dr. Copeland and her full team. I visited Dr. Copeland to remove a beauty mark on my cheek and she did a great job. Everyone in her office are extremely helpful and professional and you can tell that you’re in great hands. Dr. Copeland makes the visit easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend this doctor.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

I got an upper bleph in my late 30s. Dr. Copeland guided me through the entire process with ease. I felt totally comfortable heading into surgery knowing we had made the right choices. Surgery day was easy and I was at ease. Following my surgery, she & her staff kept in touch with me and answered any pos-op questions. I recovered very easily with little discomfort. My results exceeded my expectations. Friends & family gave such positive feedback. Dr. Copeland is fantastic.

Eyelid Surgery

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Dr. Copeland is great. I came in here for squamous cell removal and she has done a great job. I return to the office frequently for various other skin treatments because Dr. Copeland resolves all the things that seem to never go away.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction


I Was Very Relaxed and Comfortable.

I have known Dr. Copeland for many years and have always been very happy with my results. She is a perfectionist and I appreciate that. Further, the staff is wonderful. My experience was perfect. I will be back.


Breast Liposuction

Thanks for changing my daughter’s life and making her smile inside and out!

Breast Liposuction for Breast Asymmetry

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Dr. Copeland’s expertise, aesthetic sense, and quiet confidence tell you that you are in the hands of a master plastic surgeon. Her training is second-to-none and she is always up-to date with the latest advances in her field. Her staff is caring, kind, and supportive. Follow-up is excellent. She has my highest recommendation.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction


“This is a review of my experience at Dr.Michelle Copeland’s office for Thermage treatment. I’ve had this procedure done several times. The treatment is very effective and long lasting. Results are good . I would definitely do it again.”


Rock Hard Abs and Smaller Waist

“Emsculpt IS amazing. I’m already athletic but it has lifted my butt sky high and my abs are like those of a professional boxer! AFTER ONLY TWO SESSIONS. Even my husband wants to try it. It’s the ultimate body hack.”


Eyelid Surgery

Dr.Copeland was attentive to my concerns, clear about the procedure and informative about the options and the results of the procedure all I hoped it would be. Lauren was not only very competent but very caring and comforting as well.

Eyelid Surgery

wonderful results

Skin Treatments

Stopping the Clock on Aging

– 50’s Media Executive


I recently finished my fourth round of Emsculpt at Dr. Michelle Copeland’s office and the results are incredible. I have definition and my core is so much stronger than its ever been. I finally have abs! I highly recommend his procedure for those wanting extra tone and definition and fat loss

-Lauren, age 27


Life Changer!

“I never write reviews but I did my cankles with Dr. Copeland 3 years ago and I am glad to say that it was a true life changer. This Doctor was pretty professional, honest and caring. Thank you Dr. Copeland!”

-40 year old woman


Cyst Removal

“I was very impressed with my experience at Dr. Copeland’s office. Great level of care and follow up was given to me for a small procedure involving removal of a cyst. Her staff is terrific, and I knew I was in good hands.”

-60 year old woman

Cyst Removal

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Copeland is a highly skilled surgeon who listens to ones individual needs. I had breast reconstruction, and I’m satisfied with my results. She works with a professional and efficient staff who genuinely care for their patients.

Breast reconstruction

Liquid Facelift

Just wanted to let you know I am so happy with the results of my Liquid Facelift! I look and feel great!

60 year old woman

Liquid Facelift


I had been researching Coolsculpting for quite sometime and debating on whether or not to do it. When I mentioned it to Dr. Copeland she was open and honest about the results I could expect and her own special techniques she’s developed over the years to help get even better results. Plus her before and afters were extraordinary that it made me feel even more  confident about doing this procedure. What makes Dr. Copeland’s Coolsculpting experience so different were the add-on’s she provides so that her patients get the maximum results possible. I did my upper abdomen and outer thighs and I can already tell a difference and it’s only been a week. I know the results take time to see, but so far I’m incredibly  impressed. I will post before and afters the farther along I go so you can see the updates for yourself. I highly recommend Dr. Copeland and her staff. Lauren her nurse is incredibly knowledgeably as well and makes the treatment a breeze. If you want actual and real results this is the place to go!  

29 year old woman 



I consulted with Dr. Copeland to see if Coolsculpting could help with love handles and flabby areas on my back and bra line. We discussed several options, including liposuction, but Dr Copeland thought I could get an improvement without surgery doing Coolsculpt. Actually, because Dr. Copeland has the capability to treat two areas at once, we did “Dualsculpting” so that the treatments could be done on two sides simultaneously.


The treatments themselves are easy to manage, and most of the 35 minute treatment time I was able to check emails and read. There are a few minutes of minor discomfort at the end when the treated area is massaged. The massage helps break up the treated fat cells, and can be a little uncomfortable but is short-lived.  I had two 35 minute treatments to treat four areas (upper and lower back.) There is no downtime, and I was able to run and go the gym as usual the same day.


The treatments were four weeks ago, and I have noticed a difference in my braline and waistline areas that are becoming more defined. My clothes are looser and the treated areas are firmer. We discussed further treatments for these areas, but for now I’m more than satisfied and will see how I progress. I’m really amazed at how easy the treatments are and how noticeable the results are in just a few weeks. Dr. Copeland and her staff are very knowledgeable and accommodating, and I highly recommend setting up a consultation with them. 


50 year old woman


I recently had breast reduction with Dr. Copeland and had a great experience. I have needed this surgery for years but was afraid it would be too painful and disrupt my schedule, but now that I’ve had a few weeks to recover I’m free of back pain and am looking forward to exercising. I was reluctant to pay for a consultation but it was worth it because she is so thorough. She was the only Dr. who really understood my reservations and took time to address each one. Dr. Copeland’s staff really worked to accommodate my schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Copeland and her wonderful staff.

38 year old after breast reduction

Excellent bedside manner and treatment – – very noticeable difference to my skin. She took time to understand what I wanted out of the treatments and recommended various options. She is very flexible in timing. She also helps to establish an at home regimen that will retain the treatment effects. I highly recommend!

-42 year old woman after skin treatment




Skin Treatment

From the very first interaction at my initial appointment I was just simply endeared with Dr Copeland and her staff. My situation was dire in my eyes, it took a very long time to actually do something for myself. It has been one of the best decisions in recent years. Dr Copeland has more than a vast amount of experience, but her talent and bedside manner soar further than any patinet could ask for. My results are what I had planned for and Dr Copeland guided me and coodled me to where I am beyond pleased.

-42 year old man six months after Kybella

I went to Dr. Copeland to see about liposuction for the area under my chin, and she told me about Kybella, a new injection to reduce fat under the chin. I am one of her first patients to try it, and almost a year later, can say the results are fantastic. I had two treatments, about six weeks apart, and the contour of my neck improved in a just a few weeks, and then more dramatically after the second treatment. I look as if  I lost weight and no longer try to hold my neck at a weird angle to minimize my double chin! I felt only slight pressure from the injections and did experience minor swelling (more after the first treatment, less after the second.) I highly recommend Kybella and Dr. Copeland, she is very experienced and even though this is a new treatment, you want to go to someone who has expertise with injections and has now performed the procedure many times. She was also helpful in deciding how many treatments would be effective for me and has a lot of other non-surgical techniques that are very effective. Very accomplished doctor, accommodating and caring staff! 

-52 year old woman nine months after Kybella

Kybella treatment for “double chin”

All of my visits with Dr. Copeland and her were highly professional. I am very pleased with the results of my procedures and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Copeland to others. September 13, 2016


 Dr. Copeland did an amazing job with my ankles and calves. I’m now 6 months after the surgery and I’m seeing my legs are looking much more toned and attractive. I’m finally able to wear my favorite gladiator shoes. 

26 year old 6 months after cankle liposuction


Dr. Copeland provides excellent information, advice according to my needs and situation and results are above expectation. Good staff, friendly and service-minded. Overall positive experience and highly recommended for both small and more invasive procedures.

– 44 year old computer analyst after cosmetic surgery and facial rejuvenation


My experience with Dr. Copeland couldn’t have been more amazing. She and her team were kind and took care of me every step of the way. I cannot say enough great things!

27 year old 6 months post op Le Jour Breast Reduction


There are so many words to illustrate how happy I am with this change. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing how great you are, but here it is again. Your knowledge, sincerity, and care really made this experience as effortless as ever! Thank you!

– 19-year-old male student who underwent rhinoplasty and neck lipectomy


I am so happy with the results of my surgery. I know that its success had a lot to do with your attention and kindness. It’s been a pleasure to come to the office- even when I was a complete zombie. Thanks for everything.

– 52 year old woman after eyelid surgery and endoscopic forehead lift


Thank you so much Dr Copeland. They are exactly what I wanted. You changed my life. I am so happy with my new breasts

– 47 year old Software manager


I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know how much I love my new nose.
Dr. Copeland was right, if its natural no one will notice. I came back to the office after 13 days and didn’t have a single stare in my direction. As Dr. Copeland said, “It just fits”, the bump is gone and the end is a little more refined, and it seems like the nose I should’ve had naturally. Thanks for the continued support and great results.

– Anita


My daughter did go and see Dr. Copeland and had the liposuction surgery done. We both liked Dr. Copeland a lot, and the recovery time was so quick. (We walked 20 blocks to her office for her follow-up two days after the surgery.)

– The mother of a 20-year-old patient who had breast liposuction


After my hysterectomy I gained a lot of weight. I was locked in for so many years I just couldn’t lose the weight and I was so heavy I couldn’t really exercise. Doctor Copeland, thank you so much for changing my life—the breast reduction and liposuction gave me the jump start to exercise and diet—I lost 30 more pounds. I walk 6 miles a day.

– 38-year-old businesswoman from Florida


Thank you for the wonderful work that you performed on my face on Friday. My experience with all in your office was professional and of the highest quality.

– 60-year-old woman from Illinois who had a threadlift


Please accept our very deep appreciation. Emilie’s surgery is her dream come true and without you it would never have been possible. For the first time she is able to buy clothes that look like “what the other girls wear.” We are forever in your debt.

– Mother of a 19-year-old girl who underwent breast reduction


Thank you so much for the natural results you gave me. You really are an artist. Everyone is saying how well I look, but they can’t tell what I have had done. The few people who do know have said how wonderful I look. No one gets up on the bus to give me a seat anymore—which is okay. Even my husband has said how pleased he is.

– 63-year-old college administrator, two months after a mini-rhytidectomy and chin augmentation


A couple of people have commented on how well I look (maybe from having shed myself of all that dead skin thru microdermabrasion?). And the botox is starting to kick in—very exciting. Thank you SO much; I have a feeling that, turning 40, I’ll be in your office much more from now on :). See you in a couple of weeks!

– Alice, media executive


My skin looks fantastic after Monday’s laser treatment. I’m glowing!! Many many thanks.

– Sara, 31-year-old-writer


Thank you for making my nose look beautiful! It’s a dream come true all thanks to you.

– 27-year-old hairstylist from New York


People are asking me if I have lost weight. I guess it’s because I now feel comfortable wearing a skirt, something I never did before the surgery. I just love the shape of my ankles and calves. I had been to several other doctors before coming to Dr Copeland and no one had her experience and expertise. I am so happy I decided to have this surgery.

– 38 year old sales executive


I just completed my third treatment and have 3 more to go, but I had to tell you that my husband commented on how good my butt looked. He’s never done that before!

– 55 year old Speech Therapist, after Zerona treatment


I want you to know how pleased I am with the way my legs look. Even though it’s winter, I notice how much better my boots fit and I am now able to tuck my jeans into the boots which I could never do before. I can’t wait to go shopping for summer clothes. Thank you so much. I feel so much better about myself and it may seem silly, but I have so much more confidence with myself.

– 19 year old, 7 weeks after ankles/calf liposculpture


I’m doing great!! I’m so happy I did this—more accurately, had you do this for me. I’m looking forward to being out of the girdle tomorrow, though there is a way I’ve become attached to feeling “held together” by it. Of course, I can’t know what my final shape will be, but I’d be thrilled to just stay like I am now. My boyfriend, younger tri-athlete that he is, said before the surgery that he “didn’t think my butt was bad”, but I can tell he appreciates the change. The whole procedure was just as you predicted. I really could have gone home Saturday, though I wouldn’t have been quite as comfortable as I was on Sunday. Going back to work on Monday was fine. Thank you, thank you for everything! If you ever have a reluctant candidate for butt augmentation, have them call me for reassurance.

– 59 year old female therapist 1 1/2 wks after butt augmentation and smart liposculpture


I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance during this bizarre journey of mine in the last few weeks. I simply can’t believe it is all behind me now. I have a renewed self confidence.

– 48 year old business woman after breast augmentation

breast augT16

A 49 year old woman who I had performed breast augmentation with saline implants several years ago recently told me that whenever she gets her mammograms and breast ultrasounds done, everyone tells her they can’t believe she has implants. Of course, she is thrilled. Dear Dr. Copeland, I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of me and helping to keep me looking as young as I feel! I love your attitude that keeping the youthful appearance does not just have to be all about “nip and tuck”, and that there are so many other alternatives with great results! The only other cosmetic surgeon I have seen did not believe this. Anyway, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your critical eye and good care! Dear Dr. Copeland, We appreciate the fact that you’re such a fine physician, and a compassionate one. All good wishes

– L and C, NYC


Thank you for being such a great doctor and queen of skin. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel welcome in our practice and for giving me confidence at an uncertain time in my life. I feel so lucky to have found you and your incredible team. Many thanks.

– 37 year old business executive


I was going through a terrible divorce and it really took a toll on me. I looked tired, haggard and old. I went to see Dr Copeland because she had done such a wonderful job on my daughter’s nose and I am so glad I did. Within a week of seeing her for some “quick fixes” I was asked out on my first date! Everyone says how wonderful I look but they can’t tell what I have done– it looks so natural. And the skin care products are fantastic and seemed to work almost immediately.

– 50ish divorced teacher


A patient you performed facial rejuvenation on called this morning to let you know how pleased he is with his results. He says he looks fantastic and that you are so talented.

– 60ish male lawyer


My eyes look so good. Thank you. I forgot what a beautiful blue color my eyes were because the hanging skin obscured them. I had dinner with my daughter the other night and realized my eyes now look like hers. They look how they looked when I was young. It has really energized me.

– 61 year old after upper and lower blepharoplasty


I love the way I look. I look how I want to see myself when I look in the mirror. Before the surgery, it was so depressing. I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. Who is this person I would ask. Now I look and feel so much better. Thank you. It’s everything I wanted. It has changed my life, really.

– 70 year old after mini facelift


I want you to know that I am very appreciative of your kindness to me as well as for your great skill as a physician.

– 64 year old College Professor


Thank you so very much- you gave me a real boost- I feel good and like  how I look!

– 86 year old woman


Thanks again for very much for my beautiful eyebrows and truly love them!

– 65  year old woman who underwent eyebrow tattooing


I like it doctor.  I feel younger and fresher.

– 65 year old female teacher after juvederm to the nasolabial and lip area


I am writing to thank you for taking me as your patient. I am very fortunate to have been treated by such a highly regarded physician as yourself and being in your care has given me a great peace of mind. I would also like to thank your staff for making me feel at ease before and during the procedure. My wound has healed and shows no sign of treatment! Thank you for that.

– 57 year old with skin cancer of the nose