Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

copeland_or_procedure_male_5668The eyes are the windows to the soul. All too often, however, they seem to reveal exhaustion. The very delicate skin around the eyes tends to get crepey and puffy due to fatigue and stress. Eyelid surgery has become one of Dr. Copeland’s most popular procedures. She also performs scarless eyelid surgery, a technique that involves making a tiny incision inside the lower lid of the eye. The tissue heals so quickly that there’s no need for stitches and hence, no scarring. Topical creams (like Dr. Copeland’s Rewind Eye Formula) can reduce some lines and wrinkles around the eyes almost immediately, even without surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Testimonial

I am so happy with the results of my surgery. I know that its success had a lot to do with your attention and kindness. It’s been a pleasure to come to the office- even when I was a complete zombie. Thanks for everything.

– 52 year old woman after eyelid surgery and endoscopic forehead lift