Liposuction for Knee Calf & Ankle (cankles)

The calf and ankle area can be particularly frustrating to patients who have tried unsuccessfully to address it with diet and exercise. Dr. Copeland uses a combination of liposuction techniques to re-sculpt calves and ankles (and often knees) with very small incisions, which improves the contour of the legs. Dr. Copeland’s patients travel from all over the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to draw on her expertise with this challenging area. She was one of the first to reduce calves and ankles with liposuction and has presented her techniques internationally. She continues to innovate treatment to improve recovery and reduce downtime.

Recent Calf & Ankle Liposuction Testimonials


“Dr. Copeland is an incredible surgeon! She gave me the results I’ve always dreamed of having. From the very beginning she made me feel so comfortable and made the process so easy. Her and her talented team answered every single one of my questions before and after the procedure. She has changed my life with the results that she has given me and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Copeland!!!”


“Fantastic results – ankle re sculpting and leg liposuction was amazing. Dr. Copeland is an amazing doctor and provides helpful advice to achieve a natural look. 10/10 best plastic surgeon in NYC.”


“Dr Copeland is an artist. She did a fantastic job on my procedure! Their team helped me through pre-op and post-op care with a lot of support and encouragement. Big thank you to Nurse Victoria who was always there to quickly respond and look out for me before and after! Definitely recommend Dr Copeland and her team for any surgery!”

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