Breast reduction

I had a bilateral breast reduction with Dr Libby Copeland-Halperin in December 2023 and recently past 12 weeks post-op. A huge milestone in the healing journey!!

I’ve wanted a breast reduction since my early teens and finally proceeded with the surgery [in my mid-thirties] once I’d found the right surgeon – enter Dr. Copeland-Halperin stage left.

I was impressed by the mother/daughter practice, an all-female surgical office, and that Dr. Copeland-Halperin is a specialist in the Le Jour BR technique [for those unfamiliar, this is the lollipop technique, instead of the anchor, which produces less scarring].

The entire process from my initial consultation, to surgery and recovery has been spectacular. Dr Copeland-Halperin’s communication consistently exceeds my expectations; if I emailed with any minor concern I’d receive a phone call within 5 minutes to talk about the symptoms and if there was an appropriate course of treatment.

Above and beyond a great and supportive experience, the results are beyond my wildest dreams!! I am so, so, so happy. The recovery time was fast and I didn’t need anything stronger than a Tylenol for pain management, I believe this to be a reflection of the exceptional technique and care of the Doctor over my pain tolerance.

I can’t thank Dr. Copeland-Halperin and her team, including Nurse O’Brien, enough for the positive impact their expertise has had on my life. For any women interested in getting a breast reduction and are looking for a review to give them peace of mind about whether they should proceed with an inquiry – let this be it!

Do it! The only regret you’ll have is not doing it sooner x