Large lipoma removal

Dr. Michelle Copeland removed a very large neck lipoma using her “scarless” combined liposuction/excision surgical procedure. The results are excellent. The small incision made under my chin is barely visible. It has been almost a year since the procedure was completed and there are no visible signs of the lipoma returning.
From initial contact through to follow-up, Dr. Copeland and her staff were attentive, caring and professional. They also helped ensure that I had everything organized for the procedure, as I was arriving from Canada.
I would recommend the expertise of Dr. Copeland and the minimally invasive cutting-edge lipoma removal procedure that the clinic offers. Having this procedure done spared me from having the lipoma removed using the standard practice of direct surgical incision.
Thank you, Dr. Michelle Copeland, Andrea, Lauren, Dr. Libby Copeland-Halperin and Dr. James O’Neill and the rest of the team.