Breast reduction

Dr. Copeland-Halperin did my breast reduction procedure earlier this year and the experience has been wonderful from start to finish! I am so incredibly happy with the results and feel grateful that she listened to me and what I wanted. My life has been changed by this procedure. I went from being at least a G cup to being a C or D cup, and my breasts are also more symmetrical. My back feels so much better and my clothes fit more comfortably now. My journey in seeking this procedure has spanned many years and included a lot of frustrating barriers. I have had many negative experiences with doctors and feeling like my voice hasn’t been heard, but from the first meeting I had with Dr. Copeland-Halperin, I knew that she was different and that I could trust her to lead me through such a daunting procedure. Her high level of professionalism is equally matched by her bedside manner–something not all doctors are able to master. She is highly skilled, compassionate, and truly a pleasure to work with. Her team is equally wonderful! Andrea and Lauren were also huge contributors in making this experience so wonderful for me. I would urge anyone to choose Dr. Copeland-Halperin for this procedure. I guarantee you will be very well taken care of!