Buttocks Augmentation with Liposuction

I’m doing great!! I’m so happy I did this—more accurately, had you do this for me. I’m looking forward to being out of the girdle tomorrow, though there is a way I’ve become attached to feeling “held together” by it. Of course, I can’t know what my final shape will be, but I’d be thrilled to just stay like I am now. My boyfriend, younger tri-athlete that he is, said before the surgery that he “didn’t think my butt was bad”, but I can tell he appreciates the change. The whole procedure was just as you predicted. I really could have gone home Saturday, though I wouldn’t have been quite as comfortable as I was on Sunday. Going back to work on Monday was fine. Thank you, thank you for everything! If you ever have a reluctant candidate for butt augmentation, have them call me for reassurance.