Upper Blepharoplasty

Best doctor!

One day, almost out of the blue, I noticed these ugly soft lumps on my eyelids, that were growing out of nowhere. I consulted with Dr. Google and learned that they are cholesterol pads aka xanthelasma. They are apparently harmless but were seriously creeping me out. And they were growing, first one eye and then the other. I went to regular doc and got the cholesterol low down but meanwhile also got a consultation with Dr. Copeland, who was recommended by a friend.

I am very glad that I did. The consultation appointment was very helpful. The staff takes pictures, and the doctor explained everything carefully. I had two problems – one the lumps and two my lids were severely drooping, affecting my vision. She outlined a few options, including doing nothing.The office followed up with a call to make sure that I understood another option, a laser removal I believe. Fixing the droop – Blepharoplasty – would, if medically necessary, be covered only after 65 under Medicare, and I was having a hard time deciding if I should wait, a few years, or if I could afford to do it now.

I finally made the decision to do both the removal of the lumps and the droop fix 🙂 It was all just amazingly painless. Lots of swelling and icing of course, but i was surprised that it was only uncomfortable not painful. Everyone on the team, from the receptionist, the nurse, masseuse, and anesthesiologist, was calm, kind, competent, and lovely. Through the first follow up appointment, with removal of stitches and a light touch massage, it was been a success. It will be a few more weeks until completely normal, but quite comfortable now. Looks and feels much better. YAY Dr. Copeland!