Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can refer to differences in the size or shape of your breasts, nipple and areola characteristics, or any combination of these. Some patients also have tuberous breasts. Breast asymmetry can be a significant cause of distress for patients and can make women feel self-conscious in their body. There are a number of ways to address breast asymmetry and Dr. Copeland and Dr. Copeland-Halperin create a tailored treatment approach for each patient to create a beautiful and natural result.

Breast Liposuction, Fat Transfer and Thermage to Treat Breast Asymmetry Procedure: Breast Lipo and Augmentation using Fat Transfer. Young woman with marked breast asymmetry before and 18 monthsafter staged right breast liposuction and fat grafting to left breast and Thermage for skin tightening. Before and after breast reconstruction due to Poland Syndrome Procedure: Breast Reconstruction treatment of Poland syndrome with absence of right breast and chest wall muscle using multiple fat grafting and saline implant reconstruction. Before and 6 months after implant removal, fat transfer and mastopexy. Procedures: Implant Removal, Fat Transfer, Breast Lift. This 73 yo woman had marked asymmetry of her breasts when one implant ruptured and the other developed a deforming capsule. I was able to help her by removing the implants and scar tissue and create a lifted more natural appearing breast with a mastopexy and fat grafting.