Breast Reduction

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by my consultation with Dr. Copeland and her team. I originally came in just for a consultation and some information for the future when I thought I could afford surgery. I am so happy to say that I left that day with a new hope in my life. I have been in chronic pain in my back since I was a teenager. As soon as Dr. Copeland examined me, unlike many doctors who focused on what was negative, she had compassion for me and recognized how much my breasts negatively impacted my life. When she recommended that I have breast reduction and her staff helps me with financing and scheduling, I was well on my way. Since my surgery, I have had NO BACK PAIN! I feel like I have chance to get back to run/walking. I also had herniated discs that was causing numbness and weakness but now I can stand and work for 24 hours in the emergency room and be pain free. After I drop some more weight, I will be back for contouring. Excellent service and hands that have blessed me so much.