From the very first interaction at my initial appointment I was just simply endeared with Dr Copeland and her staff. My situation was dire in my eyes, it took a very long time to actually do something for myself. It has been one of the best decisions in recent years. Dr Copeland has more than a vast amount of experience, but her talent and bedside manner soar further than any patinet could ask for. My results are what I had planned for and Dr Copeland guided me and coodled me to where I am beyond pleased.

-42 year old man six months after Kybella

I went to Dr. Copeland to see about liposuction for the area under my chin, and she told me about Kybella, a new injection to reduce fat under the chin. I am one of her first patients to try it, and almost a year later, can say the results are fantastic. I had two treatments, about six weeks apart, and the contour of my neck improved in a just a few weeks, and then more dramatically after the second treatment. I look as if  I lost weight and no longer try to hold my neck at a weird angle to minimize my double chin! I felt only slight pressure from the injections and did experience minor swelling (more after the first treatment, less after the second.) I highly recommend Kybella and Dr. Copeland, she is very experienced and even though this is a new treatment, you want to go to someone who has expertise with injections and has now performed the procedure many times. She was also helpful in deciding how many treatments would be effective for me and has a lot of other non-surgical techniques that are very effective. Very accomplished doctor, accommodating and caring staff! 

-52 year old woman nine months after Kybella