Breast Lift/Abdominoplasty

Experiencing weight fluctuation for years- I decided in June 2023 to have a breast lift. Then in February 2023, I decided to have my tummy tightened. I lost all the weight! I did the hard part and then Dr. Copeland and Dr.Copeland-Halperin helped me get to where I wanted to be! I feel so much more confident . The entire team is Amazing! From Andrea and Susan at the desk to the staff nurses; especially Lauren- are all helpful, caring, and kind. I am completely grateful to all of them

Put me at ease

Came on the recommendation of my doctor for some lipomas. Dr. Copeland-Halperin and everyone in her office was so kind and put me at ease because I don’t like visiting the doctor? She removed them and everything looks great. Would definitely recommend!

Breast reduction

I had a bilateral breast reduction with Dr Libby Copeland-Halperin in December 2023 and recently past 12 weeks post-op. A huge milestone in the healing journey!!

I’ve wanted a breast reduction since my early teens and finally proceeded with the surgery [in my mid-thirties] once I’d found the right surgeon – enter Dr. Copeland-Halperin stage left.

I was impressed by the mother/daughter practice, an all-female surgical office, and that Dr. Copeland-Halperin is a specialist in the Le Jour BR technique [for those unfamiliar, this is the lollipop technique, instead of the anchor, which produces less scarring].

The entire process from my initial consultation, to surgery and recovery has been spectacular. Dr Copeland-Halperin’s communication consistently exceeds my expectations; if I emailed with any minor concern I’d receive a phone call within 5 minutes to talk about the symptoms and if there was an appropriate course of treatment.

Above and beyond a great and supportive experience, the results are beyond my wildest dreams!! I am so, so, so happy. The recovery time was fast and I didn’t need anything stronger than a Tylenol for pain management, I believe this to be a reflection of the exceptional technique and care of the Doctor over my pain tolerance.

I can’t thank Dr. Copeland-Halperin and her team, including Nurse O’Brien, enough for the positive impact their expertise has had on my life. For any women interested in getting a breast reduction and are looking for a review to give them peace of mind about whether they should proceed with an inquiry – let this be it!

Do it! The only regret you’ll have is not doing it sooner x

Laceration repair and skin graft

You needn’t look any further for empathetic and thorough care. Dr Copeland-Halperin not only saved my thumb but allayed my fears during an intricate skin graft procedure. If only more doctors had her bedside manner. Thank you Dr Copeland-Halperin and the whole team who were excellent!

Forever grateful

An amazing experience from the beginning! I have delt with a facial lipoma for 7 years. Visited many specialists. Dr Libby Copeland-Halperin
Was very professional and sympathetic to my condition. She was able to remove the lipoma safely with a team She put together. Dr Copeland-Halperin’s entire staff are kind helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to contact there office in the future. I am forever grateful. Feeling like I can live my life to the fullest again !!

Highly recommend

From the first visit, Dr. Libby Copeland-Halperin has been very confident and secure in what she does. She made me feel comfortable with the procedure and made me fully understand what I was about to undergo. After recovery, I am able to feel more confident in myself. I highly recommend Dr. Libby Copeland-Halperin.


Top of their game

I highly recommend Dr. Libby Copeland-Halperin. She and her entire office are incredible, caring, attentive and at the top of their game. They made me feel comfortable and taken care of at every step of the way. From my initial consult, to the procedure day itself, to the recovery and follow ups. I am super happy with the care I received as well as the results . I’ve already recommended friends and family to her practice.


Greatly appreciated the kind & attentive staff, thorough after care, and excellent results after skillful procedure. Dr. Copeland-Halperin was compassionate and diligent in answering my many questions.

Lipoma removal

Dr. Libby Copeland-Halperin performed an extraction of a 7 cm lipoma on my upper arm. Her minimally invasive extraction techniques, including the use of liposuction, allowed for a much smaller incision (about a half inch) versus other surgeons I considered. Her time and attention, personal accessibility, surgical skill and consultation support made for a smooth and stress free process. I highly recommend her as a plastic surgeon for serious consideration if you are exploring removal of a lipoma.


They did an amazing job. I’m so glad I went to them.

LCH Breast reduction